Oct 20, 2008

A traitor in our race?

Former Inland Valley Daily Bulletin political cartoonist Gordon Campbell gives his take on Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama with a cartoon that pictures Benedict Arnold in black face. The cartoon is entitled "Benedict Powell...Race Patriot." Not surprisingly, the cartoon has gotten Campbell some attention.

Campbell, who was one of the victims of the March layoffs in LANG, had this to say about his decision to tie Powell and Arnold together in the wake of the endorsement:
"The only reasonable explanation for such a public political "about-face" in the midst of this important election is that Colin Powell, perhaps understandably, wishes to see someone who looks like himself in the White House," Campbell said.

"It's my opinion that General Powell has based his endorsement of Barack Obama on the color of his skin, not his qualifications, his experience or the content of his character."


Jay said...

Colin Powell couldn't possibly make a decision based on sound judgment because he's a black man and Obama's a black man, and when it comes to that kind of association, race trumps all. Isn't it sad that this is yet another example of associations discrediting a candidate. The Ayers association, the black/race association, the ACORN association, etc. But McCain/Palin's associations are off limits (Alaska secession, Keating, Liddy, Kenyan voodoo doctors, etc)

Anonymous said...

Name one liberal white man Powell has endorsed.

Anonymous said...

Powell's endorsement hurts Obama more than it helps him.

I distinctly remember Powell "making the case" that Iraq had indeed WMDs prior to the invasion of Iraq (with satellite photos and all!), as we later found out, there was no such thing (yes turns out two UN Weapons inspectors were right no WMDs in Iraq!).

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Powell simply has an opinion? Like Gordon does? I know it's unlikely because Powell has never gone against the grain. Hordes of black men beat a path to the Republican camp. And George Bush looks like Powell as does Cheney and Rumsfeld.

And what kind of question is "Name one white liberal he's endorsed?" I hope that's sarcasm. Because, besides Obama, name one LIBERAL he's ever supported.

Eight years ago, as I battled a private depression over the election of George Bush, a friend of mine told me, "I think Bush is going to surprise people."

Gordon and the rest of you die hard Republicans better look around at what has happened to the country. Gordon is so flippin' good at coloring, he can color me surprised.

I believe neither Democrat or Republican can pull our butts out of our current situation. But after eight years of the same cr@p, I think it's time this failed group of cronies step aside and hand the reins over to someone else.

But that's me. I'm allowed to have that opinion. Not Colin Powell. He has the misfortune of being an African-American. So if he expresses this kind of opinion, it's obvious why.

I guess I owe you big thank you Gordon. You sure called this one right didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Powell has the right to an opinion - and to change it at will....

So a few thousand people died because his previous opinion (about WMDs in Iraq) was wrongl. Big deal, they were not Americans! Who cares? (That's sarcasm, in case you don't get it.)

The truth is people of certain fame, like powell, do influence other people - that is just a fact, not an opinion. Therefore, he should weight it carefull, before coming out and yelling it to the four winds.

Anonymous said...

Is this a room of journalists? Or did a few of us just wander into the "I heard it on Fox so it must be true," comment area?

Anyone who isn't already familiar with the battle that took place between Powell's office and the Bush minions who pushed the issue of WMD's has been living under a rock. I'm no Powell fan. But since I'm one of the "stupid ones" who listens to and reads more than one news source - unlike one or two of the brainiacs in this room - I know that Powell himself didn't beleive half the claims they asked him to make. I also know that he tried to hold feet to the fire and insisted the claims be proven because he didn't want to look like a liar and a fool.

In the end, this man who Campbell portrays as a traitor, caved in, selling the idea of the WMD's. He towed the party line.

The "Yeah, but he still said it," argument doesn't cut it when your talking about an administration that managed to push an 800 billion bail out plan to help the banks and Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

So because he NEVER supported a White Liberal he must be supporting Barack based on race?

That is as about as dumb as it comes. So show me ONE time the Republicans picked supported an African-American for President. None? Guess that's BASED on race.

Anonymous said...

To "anonymous October 20, 2008 11:47 PM"

"The "Yeah, but he still said it," argument doesn't cut it..."

I beg to differ. Contrary to what you suggest, we do read a variety of news sources - at least I do - and just because you don't agree with us doesn't make YOU Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Now, back to Powell, if, as you say, he just 'went along with it,' it shows the trademark of a puppet. He could have just quit his job - it's not like the man neeeded the money and there was certainly no shortage of buffons willing to lie to the American public over something blatantly untrue...

Shame on Powell and shame on you for defending his weak character.

Mike Rappaport said...

C'mon, Gordon. Powell couldn't have supported Obama because he doesn't like the idea of continuing the war in Iraq, extending and expanding tax cuts for the top 1 percent or waging war on science?

He couldn't support Obama because he's scared to death -- like many other Americans -- that Caribou Barbie might become president?

Nope, he's got to be a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gordon. Old, frustrated wannabe musician. Never let a lack of wit or factual basis stand in the way of making obvious - and never funny - cartoons.

Col. Bleep said...

May we see the cartoon?

Anonymous said...

Only Colin Powell knows whether his 11th hour decision was based on race. The assertion is fair game for public debate in the current political cycle, whether one finds it distasteful or not. My problem with Campbell’s effort ( or lack thereof) is that there is NO ATTRIBUTION. The portrait of Benedict Arnold was created by John Trumbull during the period of 1775-1819. H.B. Hall later based an engraving on this portrait in 1865. Mr. Campbell has photoshopped artwork glommed from the web and passed it off as his own. Readers and editors expect editorial cartoonists to be controversial, it's an integral part of the job description, but they have no appetite for borderline plagiarism. The copyright on the Trumbull portrait lapsed long ago, but this cannot excuse Gord Campbell's attribution amnesia nor his artistic laziness

Gary Scott said...

Col. Bleep, click the link on the word "cartoon" to see a picture of Campbell's work.

Anonymous said...

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