Mar 7, 2008

Naming names

I'm putting together a list of names of those newsroom employees who were fired/downsized/let go/bought out/left. Let me know if there are any names missing, misspellings or erroneous titles. I'll make a note when I have a final list.

SGVN (11 total, including two open positions)

Elise Kleeman, science writer for the Pasadena Star-News. A Caltech grad, she had covered her alma mater, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Altadena for the paper.

Emanuel Parker, a longtime staff writer at the Star-News who had recently transitioned into features at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Sharon Brawley, librarian at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Greg Andersen, staff photographer

Sean Moses, sports writer/copy editor

Rod Kamitsuka, copy editor/page designer

Steve O'Sullivan, executive editor, San Gabriel Valley News Group

There are two additional position set to be cut, neither are reporters

Sun/Daily Bulletin (13 total)

Wes Hughes, columnist at the Sun

Paul Oberjuerge, sports columnist at the Sun

Michelle Rester, assistant city editor at the Sun

Brett Snow, staff photographer at the Sun

Gina Tenorio, night cops reporter at the Sun

Ellen Timothy, copy editor at the Sun

Marc Campos, staff photographer at the Bulletin

George Paul, features reporter at the Bulletin

Adrianne Woodward, news assistant at the Bulletin

Gordon Campbell, political cartoonist at the Bulletin

Steve Campos, online content producer for the Sun and Bulletin

Corey Washington, online content producer for the Sun and Bulletin

James Folmer, editor of the Redlands Daily Facts


Shintzer said...

I always studied Emanuel's ledes on feature stories. They were unshowy yet elegant. Good luck, and I hope we will still have a chance to enjoy your writing.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read about the cuts. Elise and Emanuel were terrific writers and reporters. Our community will suffer without good journalists covering city halls, school boards and other local institutions.

Anonymous said...

Also gone:

Terry Bell, Marketing Director SGVN

Rosa Lopez, Finance Director SGVN

Bryan Muldoon, Circulation Director SGVN

Anonymous said...

Who needs a circulation director when you don't have any circulation?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell, political cartoonist, IVDB

Anonymous said...

Steve Campos and Corey Washington Online Content Producers for both The Sun & Bulletin.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I completely agree that LANG is making this as difficult and painful as possible. Why not offer voluntary buyout packages first? I think LANG, and Singleton have a goal that has nothing to do with good newspapers: Make as much money as possible, and do this by consolidating departments, breaking unions and getting the most (but not the best) work for the lowest possible price.

And don't blame all of this on the bad economy and lousy newspaper revenue. Remember, Singleton paid $1 billion for four newspapers a couple of years ago. And the papers aren't losing money. They're just not making enough to satisfy him.

Anonymous said...

Wait, Frank Pine got PROMOTED???

Can I please please please post the pic of him posing on a couch for a young community news reporter's cell phone camera? Is there an attach feature?

Anonymous said...

Email the Pine photo to Gary and he can put it up on the blog, if he wants. I'd love to see that. The way these people behave in that meeting yesterday was completely disingenuous. The outright lying-to-your-face attitude they have is just unbelievable. They admitted without remorse that they do not know what to do or how to bring the paper back up and must begin from the ground up. If that is not the revelation of the century, I don't know what is. They should be ashamed of being who they are and quit today. Analyzing this whole thing, I feel the SGVN has been hijacked by the Sun people. SGVN is the highest producer in terms of revenue anywhere. Why are Sun people coming over to run it? Because our leadership left and these predators, these weasels snuck up, chummed up to Denver and took over the reigns in So Cal. The people in leadership positions at SGVN who cared enough about their reputation and careers left a long time ago, leaving no one to protect the worker bees. So here come these Sun people who are no leaders at all and who hoping to get in good with the big boss in Denver, probably began scheeming (sp?) on how to stay in the good graces of top boss. Even though they've F****d up their on Sun and now the Bulletin, they have not usurped the SGVN as well. Bringing in their incompetent people, just taking over like an unwanted invasion (Iraq into Kuwait type), these people have snuck in the back door and will now begin the final destruction of the SGVN, which one day was a great paper. IT still could be, but a revolution has to happen. All these usurpers have to be gotten rid of and leadership form inside has to come forward. We need to find a way to make Denver know that we will not accept the way in which we are bullied around by the Sun. The leadership from the Sun has ruined that paper and the Bulletin and now they will do it to us too.

Dear Lord, creator of all that is good, if you have any compassion, please send us someone who will stand up to these bullies, someone who can take us out of our wandering in the desert, someone who will stop this deluge in which we will surely drown.

Anonymous said...

The SGVN would have been much better off with Ron Kaye (dn editor) and the metro division then the idiots out in the IE.

Anonymous said...

>Why not offer voluntary buyout packages first?

The answer is that that all of Eastern LANG is non-union and they don't have to offer buy outs. No honor among thieves.

Anonymous said...

This just in!!!!

Guess times aren't that tough are they Dean?

$25 million paid to Singleton families and his close buddies!!!

A quote from the article:

MediaNews is using $25 million of the almost $27 million cash it received from Hearst to pay what apparently is the first-ever cash dividend of $10.98 per share to owners of MediaNews Class A shares, the SEC filing also showed.

Most of that stock is owned by the families of Singleton, MediaNews vice chairman and chief executive, and his long-time business partner, Richard B. Scudder, according to the company?s most recent 10-K filing with the SEC, which said the company has never previously paid cash dividends because of restrictions tied to its long-term debt level.

Anonymous said...

Typical snake. One thing Singleton has in common with all of us: He will rot just like everyone else and he will not be able to take his misly millions (in debt) with him. Take a look at Bill Gates. He's got all the money in the world and he is GIVING IT AWAY. Look at how he treats his people. He may be brutal in business, but he does it all for his people.

Anonymous said...

"The SGVN would have been much better off with Ron Kaye (dn editor) and the metro division then the idiots out in the IE."

You've got to be kidding me! The man who famously slept while Rome was burning?! This guy was literally asleep at the wheel (his desk) while skilled people busted their asses for $hit wages and dismissive, abusive comments from him and his small pool of kiss-ass followers; the man who still believes the best way to cover the San Fernando Valley is by stuffing as many bodies as posisble 20 miles away in downtown to cover the wonkers who he pilloried decades ago at the Herald-Examiner; and the man who kowtows to the corporate whim-of-the day. Search the archives for his breathless endorsement of as being the future of journalism. He fired and forced out some extraordinary talent and kept the layer of loyal management on board to collect their bloated salaries, ie. the "Content Coordinator" (what the hell is that?).

Anonymous said...

It really ain't over till it's over. As of Monday, March 10 people are still being ground down by LANG in San Bernardino and Ontario: either being demoted or heaped upon with twice the job responsibilities with no additional compensation.

All under the guise of "restructuring"

Do not let any sobbing, "heartfelt" newsroom speeches deceive you.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God! Demotions? Who's been demoted? Should we even ask? Is it really that bad in both newsrooms? How are the folks at the Sun coping with one less photog and one less cops reporter?

Anonymous said...

No buy outs were offered in the Eastern LANG bloodbath. So here is a story of two people who management handpicked to lay offin San Bernardino and Ontario:

Two of the people who were "let go" last Thursday were cousins. One worked In San Bernardino, the other in Ontario. Both have been employed by the company for several years.

One is wheelchair bound and only has full use of one hand and is considered one of the most adept workers in his department. The other recently won a media award for his photography.

Both were top-notch workers. Both share an apartment together. Now both are out of work.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Dean and the old man enjoy their $25,000,000.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that poor sap Larry Kline who couldn't even last a year as publisher.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that poor sap larry kline...a long commuite from atlanta...that along with seeing the handwriting on the wall made it very easy to walk out the the way...I use my name in posting comments.
I am proud of the accomplishments of the san gabriel team over the past year...we led the newspaper group in most categories in revenue growth and innovation...I wish them well in the future,

larry kline

Anonymous said...

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