Oct 15, 2008

Debate! Debate! 3

On to dependence on foreign oil.

McCain: We can eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. Canadian oil is A-OK...within 7 to 8 years. More renewables and nuclear. Calls Obama an "extreme environmentalist" and naive on Nafta.

Obama: Ten years is realistic to get off foreign oil. More domestic drilling, but can't drill our way out of problem. Have to have more renewables, more efficient American-made cars. Advocate for American workers in trade agreements.

McCain goes after Obama for failing to understand Colombia's benefit to the U.S. Is there a big pro-Colombian vote out there? Obama brings it back to automanufacturers. McCain, in the last word, accuses Obama of being anti-free trade just like Hoover.

On to health care.

Obama calls it heartbreaking and then outlines his plan. McCain agrees and then outlines his plan. McCain revives Joe the plumber and says he'll be fined over mandates. Obama: Here's your fine, Joe: Zero. Some back and forth over Joe.

On to Supreme Court.

McCain says no litmus test on abortion, but doesn't really think a pro-Roe v. Wade jurist would meet his qualificiations. Then says Obama voted against Roberts and Breyer on ideological grounds (I think he means Roberts and Alito).

Obama says he wouldn't apply a strict litmus test either, but supports Roe v. Wade. Uses the Ledbetter case (equal pay for women) as a point of difference.

The two tussle over abortion in the classic Dem/Rep way.

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