Oct 15, 2008

Debate! Debate! 2

Now comes the question on campaign attacks. Are they willing to make the accusations their campaign have lodged to each others' faces?

McCain: "It's been a very tough campaign..." Brings up the town hall meetings proposal again as a reason he got "pretty tough." He then defends himself against the accusation by Congressman John Lewis and calls on Obama to apologize; then he hits Obama for flip-flopping on public financing.

Obama: "The American people are less interested in our hurt feelings..." Goes on to say the two camps should focus on the economy for the next three weeks.

Here comes Joe the plumber again...

Obama continues to keep turning the question on attacks back to the same point, that Americans want a different kind of debate. McCain agrees, but continues to lay out accusations, finally bringing up Ayers (I don't care about him, but we want to know about him!) and ACORN. Obama explains his relationships and then names the people he really relies on for advice. McCain once again presses ACORN and Ayers and then says his campaign is really about the economy.

How did the independents see that exchange?

On to the VP choices.

Obama" Biden fights for the little guy (is he dropping his "g"s on gerunds?) and will make a fine president if something "happens to me."

McCain: Palin a role-model to women and reformers all over America.... a reformer through and through...A freath of bresh air.

Obama doesn't criticize Palin but says special needs kids need more funding, which you can't do under a spending freeze. McCain criticizes Biden for "cockamamie" ideas about partitioning Iraq and then says Obama's answer to everything is more spending.

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