Jul 28, 2008

Web trouble*

The Web sites for the nine LANG papers are down as of just after 10 a.m. Instead of news, a "Not Found (404)" message is all that appears. Perhaps the server has been knocked offline.

LANG had some computer troubles in May, when the entire Unisys publishing system crashed and their blog server went haywire.

*Web sites are back up. Looks like the problem lasted only 10 minutes or so.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Singleton's CNP papers are in play. Is one of his partners doing their due diligence and going to buy him out?

If that is the case, and it has yet to be confirmed, my hunch is that he will be left with the rapidly fading Daily News and the Long Beach mess.

If they are waiting for newspapers to return to their past glory days of yester
year or even two years ago, they better have plans to build a time machine!

Since their systems seem to be having problems I don't think that is about to happen.

The surviviors of this mess should be better off even with the devil they don't know.

Gary Scott said...

Is it possible CNP has designs on the Union-Tribune?

Anonymous said...

I have been stunned before, but how could the deal work and what a huge amount of debt in an industry that will continue to suffer greatly.

Years ago, the Union-Tribune was on every would like to have list.

Gary Scott said...

Well, I wonder sometimes if newspapers owners aren't following the banks down the road of rewarding transaction-making, regardless of the deal's wisdom.

However, the real purpose of my question is to figure out what being "in play" could mean. I clearly don't have the information you do.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not providing clarity earlier.

Once again, no hard facts, just a lot of what has been described as auditors around San Gabriel and a reference to them as being from Hearst.

There may be nothing to it and life will go on as before.

Gary Scott said...

Certainly worth keeping an eye on. Thanks for posting. And let us know if anything new comes to light.

Anonymous said...

it also looks like cbs and lang may play together in some type of cross selling. that should work real well.