Jul 28, 2008

Marketing citizens

An interesting employment ad by way of USC...

An international marketing firm is searching for a "citizen journalist" to star in an unnamed YouTube project (are "branded webisodes" anything like commercials?) that will launch in the fall. The firm, 180 LA*, plans to film this "citizen journalist" (applicants, please provide head shots) preparing a story "from start to finish." I can only imagine the visual possibilities. Important note, "there will be compensation."

Here's the ad in full:

180 LA is looking for a citizen journalist

180 LA is looking for a citizen journalist to be featured in a series
of branded webisodes that will be a part of a new You Tube program launching in the fall. The series will chronicle a "Day In The Life Of A Citizen Journalist". The documentary style project will follow one citizen journalist as they prepare a story from start to finish. The piece will be a filmed portrayal of the individual's story - how their passion for citizen journalism fits into their daily lives and the nuts and bolts of how a story comes together. We are looking for videographers, audio journalists, bloggers, activists, or any other internet-based member of the community who actively participates in the collection, interpretation or dissemination of information. The project is a great opportunity for a passionate person to get their message out to millions of people, as well as a chance to gain some exposure.

To be considered, please email a sample of your work, a recent picture
to, and a description of the issues that you cover to annparker1229@gmail.com. We will begin work on this project the first week of August with one week of preparation and three days of shooting. There will be compensation. Send any questions to the email listed above.

*What or who is 180 LA? Here's a description from a company press release:

180 ( www.180amsterdam.com and www.180LA.com) is an international creative agency with offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. 180 employs 160+ people from over 25 countries. 180's client roster includes adidas International, Sony Consumer Electronics USA, Sony Corporation, MTV, Opel (General Motors Europe), Amstel Beer, Glenfiddich, Omega Watches and Dr. Pepper.

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