Jul 24, 2008

U-T will probably be sold*

Copley Press Inc. was once a journalistic force in Southern California. The company began folding up shop in late 2006 with the sale of the Daily Breeze. A year later, Copley shuttered its bureau in Los Angeles and consolidated operations at the San Diego Union-Tribune. Now, Copley is taking steps to sell off its last major brand:

The announcement by privately owned The Copley Press Inc. follows the sale of several key assets, including its Copley News Service newswire arm and small papers in Illinois and Ohio, over the past 18 months.

The parent company of the San Diego Union-Tribune said Thursday it has retained an investment-banking firm to explore a potential sale.


Earlier this year, the Union-Tribune cut 10 percent of its work force. The cuts included 76 buyouts, including newsroom positions, layoffs of 27 employees and the elimination of 14 pressroom jobs.


The San Diego Union-Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize in 2006 for its reporting on the bribery scandal that landed former Republican Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham in federal prison.

*The Union-Tribune on the possible sale of the Union-Tribune.


pasadenapio said...

I grew up in San Diego and still read the U-T on weekends when I'm down there. Until she passed away just a few years ago, Helen Copley was the last of the great, old-time publishers. She was a fixture in San Diego and everybody knew who she was. In fact, one of my childhood chum Joanna lives on Copley Street in San Diego. Helen had a lot of power but was also generously philanthropic. I'm sad to the hear that the U-T will no longer be associated with that name.

calwatch said...

I would consider Copley beginning to exit the LA market when they folded the Santa Monica Outlook, and then Copley News Service. The sale of the Daily Breeze only underscored the fact that they were inevitably going to divest from the newspaper business, like the DeYoungs did.