May 22, 2008

Sun moves

A promotion and the return of Wes Hughes to the San Bernardino Sun - Hughes, a former Sun columnist, suffered the ax in the March layoffs. The memo from editor Steve Lambert follows:

I am very pleased to announce the promotion of George Watson to city editor of The Sun. George is a national award winning journalist who, since joining The Sun, has led some of our most ambitious enterprise and investigative work, including 2005's groundbreaking series, "Unnatural Disasters."

I am also extremely happy to announce the return of Wes Hughes to The Sun and to our city desk operation. Wes, too, has been a key figure in some of our most high-profile efforts, including "Teens Who Kill" and "Lost Among Us." He will return as an editor on the city desk, eventually taking on some writing assignments as well.

Please join me in welcoming George and Wes to their new roles.


Mike Rappaport said...

It's always interesting to see Lambert refer to the big-deal projects people were involved with.

Journalism to him has always been more about the big, flashy tries for prizes than about the day-to-day slog of covering communities.

Nice to see Wes get his job back, but my guess is that George would wind up happier somewhere else than working for LANG and its misbegotten management crew.

Bill said...

When will Paul Oberjuerge be returning?

Anonymous said...

Oh look! Another whiny Rappaport comment moaning about how LANG is the devil!

I know, what a surprise.

Anonymous said...
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