May 22, 2008

The Black shadow

The Washington Post undresses (figuratively, of course) Charlie Black Jr., friend and chief political strategist to John McCain.

Black has a long track record as a Washington lobbyist and that has Democrats clamoring for his head - which would then be mounted on the front of Barack Obama's campaign bus as rolling proof that McCain's "maverick" mantle is completely fraudulent.

I said before I thought McCain campaign manager Rick Davis might be vulnerable because of his lobbyist ties, but I'm not so sure about Black. If McCain did let him go, Davis would almost certainly follow, as he'd be vulnerable to the same tarring, and that would leave McCain scrambling to rebuild a gutted campaign team.

And since the reverse is true - ousting Davis would lead to Black's departure - I'm going to officially flip flop. I think McCain will dance with the ones what brung him.

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