May 5, 2008

And we're back

Just returned from a long weekend away from the computer to learn The Long Nightmare is Over. Unisys, the front-end system used at all of Singleton's SoCal newspapers, is back up and running. Haven't heard yet if the meltdown has prompted LANG management to develop a contingency plan in case this happens again.


Anonymous said...

That is funny.

A contingency plan from LANG management. That group couldn't plan to tell time with the same watch.

Anonymous said...

Boys and girls, the lang nightmare is just beginning for all.

Readers are paying more and getting less, advertisers are paying the same or more and getting less, employees are being asked to do a second job and getting laid off, and, the management team is a mess.

It will end when singleton sells the newspapers or his chiefs get the papers to implode.

Bill said...

LANG-ulag doesn't even have a plan, much less a contingency plan.

Anonymous said...

Geez people,

when are you going to back off and leave this cast of no talented suck ups alone?

i am sure they are doing their very best.

i doubt if anyone in the newspaper world can hold a candle to this group...who else could possibly turn a going enterprise to a corpse in a few short months?


circulation down the tubes

revenues continu to bleed at a faster clip

consultants coming in for basic abc's of newspapering

a disaster with current revenue generating plans

dean, get out the tums, it will get uglier!

Anonymous said...

try calling one of their newspapers.

the daily news attendant can't even sat their name correctly.

san gabriel after hours message box has been full for months.

you get a busy signal a good number of days and if you leave a message you will sooner win the lottery then receiving a call back.

maybe you need to hire a phone consultant.