Apr 22, 2008

Slow blogging in LANG-land (updated below)*

Having posted about the server troubles plaguing Singleton's SoCal newspaper blogs, I quickly clicked on a link for the Daily News' Inside the Dodgers blog promising an "Update on why you can't comment," only to be told by the Internets that the server could not be found.

I went to the paper's general blog page and got a little more info from a teaser for the post: It has now been almost two weeks since I was warned in advance about this possible glitch, and I apologize profusely to all of you. I'm still being told this is allegedly going to be fixed in the very near future, so I appreciate your continued patience, but I also understand that patience isn't infinite. This is a great blog ...

But what comes next?

Before I sound the alarm of paranoia, the other blogs at the DN seem to be working fine, and Frank Girardot, who mans the Crime Scene blog at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, tells me the molasses-slow process of posting to the Web has recently sped up.

The glitches are due to a stalled changeover in Web hosts. Apparently the move didn't happen as quickly as planned and so the blogs were left on the servers of Indigio, the company that was being abandoned. I'm told the company wasn't thrilled with the arrangement.

*Looks like the link to Inside the Dodgers got fixed. Click here.

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