Feb 5, 2008

The Results Are In

Very few surprises tonight in the presidential primary. The thing to watch now is how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spin their respective wins. Obama did better in the South and in more conservative states. He also won Missouri. I think this gives him an argument to build upon for the upcoming primaries, which are largely in conservative-leaning states such as Texas and Ohio.

Clinton, on the other hand, has big wins in big states, but her map looks something like John Kerry's in 2004. She's the traditional liberal, winning mostly states that a Democrat would be expected to win in a general election. Certainly her delegate count and high-profile victories make for a nice storyline but she lacks a forward-looking narrative.

Saying that, Obama has a long way to go to win the nomination. In other words, today he met his expectations but didn't exceed them. Nothing audacious about that.

And on the Republican side, John McCain beat the shit out of Mitt Romney just about everywhere. He'll drop out soon, I predict.

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