Jan 31, 2008

Debate! Debate! 3

Clinton invokes a little longing for Bill Clinton by referring to the better economics of the 1990s.

This debate is about selling the Democratic platform.

A question for Obama about how blacks feel about Latinos "stealing" their jobs. Obama calls it scapegoating (Clinton smiles in appreciation of that answer).

Clinton returns to the question and says it "deserves an answer." Snap!

Clinton calls for "comprehensive immigration reform," a phrase that harkens back to an ugly debate in Congress. She then uses the "come out of the shadows" rhetoric that most attribute to Bush. I wonder how this goes over with Latinos? Sounds like she's reaching out to white males who might be looking for a candidate now that the white male candidate has departed.

Clinton finally finds a way to weave in the United Farm Workers endorsement.

This immigration question is tricky for both of them. It's a tough thing trying to pander to the Latino vote without upsetting whites in southern states - and vice versa.

Each of them is trying to co-opt the love for everyone and everybody. Interesting... Commercial break. Ugh. Time for TiVo.

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