Jan 31, 2008

Debate! Debate! 2

The first question is about policy differences. Clinton starts with universal health care and the 90-day moratorium on foreclosures (the moratorium might come late if she waits until after she's elected).

Obama starts getting into details about his health care proposal. Needs to be careful here. Rabbit holes are plentiful... Smart, redirect the criticism at Bush and his administration's lack of regulatory oversight.

Back to health care. Voluntary or mandate? Obama rambles a bit, trying to knock Clinton's mandate. He should avoid defending his plan by trying to define her plan. Clinton is now coming back with a promise to give people the "Congressional health plan". People want to hear that, even if it's not really true.

Clinton is sounding bold in her push for universal plan, Obama is sounding a bit tentative. He pivots to a transparency argument, saying health care reform needs to be negotiated publicly, an obvious swipe at Clinton for what she did in 1993.

Clinton sounds competent and, dare I say, experienced when talking about her health care plan.

Doyle throws a soft ball to Obama on the cost of health care reform. Obama starts into a rant about taxes and, without saying it, calls for a redistribution of wealth. I wonder if the youth vote that is so excited about his campaign understands he is talking to them.

Clinton responds by staging on the issue of health care and how new efficiencies and a lapse Bush tax cut will cover the bill.

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