Oct 25, 2011

Two more gone from Press-Telegram

Long Beach Press-Telegram city editor John Futch and sports writer Doug Krikorian received layoff notices last week as part of the consolidation efforts between that paper and the Daily Breeze/Daily News. Krikorian was offered a freelance slot but declined.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, they finally put that old grumpy man to rest?
From what I hear, Doug has always been a difficult person to work with and never got rid of his old ways.
Surprised he lasted this long .

Futch was a good guy so he will be missed more than Doug.

Anonymous said...

You have been Patched

Sue Schmitt is gone, John Futch is gone leaves one editor.

Rich Archbold is selling ads

No Photography department

No Sports department

No NCAA Hall of Fame writer Frank Burlison

No Doug Krikorian

= 1 rookie city desk editor

8 news writers

Long Beach is the 7th largest city in California with a population of 462,257.

Who's Idea was this?

Anonymous said...

Surprised Doug E. lasted as long as he did, though he probably still had some pull because of his standing in the community. But with the money he (allegedly) was getting paid, it was surprising he hadn't been asked to leave before this, or shown the door like Paul O. was in Berdoo...

Anonymous said...

Sue Schmitt was a true pro. She was a bright light that was quickly snuffed out. It's the PT's loss.

MediaNews is a joke. It's like a vampire that has sucked its victims dry, but doesn't know how to die. I guess somebody will eventually find a steak and finally drive it through these monsters' hearts. These papers serve no purpose other than to carry Sunday ad supplements.

Anonymous said...

Everyone acts surprised when more layoffs are announced. It will continue until no one is left. Look ad circ, ad sales, and newsroom...all shells with no content or a plan to rebuild or change. Puppets saying yes, poorly milking the dying cow, waiting to be slaughtered. You could, even today deliver a decent product and make a solid margin. This group just doesn't get it. Can't wait to see their new internet plans, should be good for a snicker or two,

Anonymous said...

@ 5:38 am it's STAKE

Former PTer said...

If anybody personally knows Doug, let him know to hang in there and that I need a new gardener.

Anonymous said...

This won't end until all of the papers are consolidated under one nameplate and all but the Daily News become bureaus that will have a couple of inside pages devoted to the local areas. And even then, there will be more cutting.

Anonymous said...

All the Long Beach Ad people are going to the Breeze as well.
South Bay is not that exciting unless you like LAX, people jumping off cliffs and beach volleyball.

Anonymous said...

My BANG sources were right - Paton is rolling back the nameplate changes in Northern California. Wonder who will get the blame for that one. But...they also are cutting Monday home delivery of the Oakland paper. And opening "news labs" which are the same thing as the community coffee shop they opening in Torrington, CT for Journal Register. There won't be a repeat down here - all nameplates will survive, the newsrooms will just continue to be gutted. Flip flop, flip flop...flop, flop, flop.