Oct 4, 2011

Four Tuesday

1. Are all CEOs above average? WashPost

2. Michael Henry becomes the interim publisher of the Orange County Register. "I don't see anything really changing," says Henry, who once worked for the Resolution Trust Corp. OC Register

3. Former Los Angeles Times blog editor Tony Pierce is the new blog editor for KPCC. busblog

4. Photographer William Lewis III is leaving the Press-Enterprise and moving to France. This brings the staff to about six, according to one source.


Anonymous said...

Question regarding: "Are all CEOs above average?"

Above what average?

Anonymous said...

tough math question as stated and an impossible answer to cme up with. average equals just that, from high down to low and as the headline says...average them all. some ceo's have to be below average except in the newspaper industry where most are average or below and at lang, average would be a tremendous leap forward.