Jul 13, 2011

Four Wednesday

1. Platinum Equity is exploring a possible sale, er divestiture, of the San Diego Union-Tribune. UT

2. The Associated Press releases new social media guidelines. AP (via Romenesko)

3. Simon Dumenco says punishment of Huffington Post writer for "over-aggregating" copy obscures the fact that over-aggregation of copy is a central Huffington Post strategy. Ad Age

4. Feeling claustrophobic about this weekend's Carmageddon carpocalypse? JetBlue had a solution - for $4, the Car-mageddon fly-over would have taken you from Long Beach to Burbank, or vice versa, allowing you to avoid all ground congestion. The trip would have taken 45 minutes, not counting security checks, but the flights are sold out anyway. JetBlue


Anonymous said...

Platinum isn't buying, it's selling. Despite all the talk, showing its rip-and-flip game plan.

Anonymous said...

Get the little weasel out of the newspaper business that he continues to destroy quicker than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Alden Capitl going for East-West division of newspaper holdings. Media News will be "platform" in the West, acquiring perhaps OC Register and SD U-T.


Anonymous said...

Platinum trying to pump itself up - not something a serious buyer would be doing.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Gary is no longer with us. Dean Singleton called him and told him to go. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

orange county register publisher retiring.