Jun 1, 2011

Layoffs in Riverside*

I'm told at least three newsroom staffers got laid off today at the Press-Enterprise in Riverside. More than two dozen employees were laid off company wide. I'll update when I get more information.

*Update: Three newsroom employees - a city reporter and two web position - were cut as part of a 24-person downsizing. 


Anonymous said...

So you send a team to Japan and produce a multi yawn of a package and then start laying off some 20 employees. The publisher really is not smart enough to know the difference in news content but Dallas should have a clue!

Anonymous said...

but the editor's hubby got to go to japan, that's the important thing. and they may win a local award for coverage that came weeks afterward, right in time for readers to have moved onto homegrown disaster coverage.

Anonymous said...

Awards? On a five year old design; and no audio/video. This is not a newsroom living in 2011.

Sad on many levels, Mean Dean, just cuts wages and morale until people have no fight left.

The Press Enterprise goes through the body count, as long as they are not in the inner circle.

Didn't they just hire a few people? sports and photo? Must be pick and choose day as to who goes out the door.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they just hired a sports reporter. Came from Montana.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to California.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many employees The P-E has? Thank you

Anonymous said...

In comparison to what...

Friends hired?
Quality Publicaton?
Last to die on the vine?

The PE has a very healthy staff given all the above but remember they are also owned by a much smaller company and less is expected of the them. But all this is subject to change.