Jun 21, 2011

Four today

1. If you like the smell of news print (and who does) you can buy a candle and pretend its still 2004. refinery29

2. We were already a curation nation. Nieman Journalism Lab

3. Gannett axes 700 employees from its newspaper division. Romenesko

4. David Carr reviews James O'Shea's tell-all about the Tribune Co.'s disastrous deal to buy the LA Times. NYT


Anonymous said...

Does any one out there understand that business will not, I repeat not be coming back to newspapers. The decision by Gannett to layoff 700 is not the end for them in their newspaper division. Sad, but true.

Auto demand remains soft. Tell the other vendors who have eaten your lunch in this segment. National isn't coming back and will continue to dwindle. Pick your category, it will be gone from print and newspaper online isn't a financial winner.

Exactly what compelling reason would an advertiser have to buy your product?

As an old timer use to tell me, "anyone can buy a seat in an empty theatre". I believe we are empty.

Anonymous said...

Gannett must not be doing that bad. It's got enough money to give huge bonuses to its corporate honchos.