May 31, 2011

Four today

1. Historian D.J. Waldie dismisses Atlantic writer Conor Friedersdorf's I-Heart-New York critique of Los  Angeles County, saying to view the county as a tangled web of corrupt and confused jurisdictions is a simplistic misunderstanding of the region's history.

2. You know you're getting old when ... The new AP political editor is four years younger than you are. Romenesko

3. Speaking of AP, the business staff doesn't have much good to say about the AP business editor. Romenesko

4. As you might have heard, a group calling itself Lulzsec hacked the PBS website to show its displeasure at the Frontline report on Wikileaks. Boing Boing


Anonymous said...

sheesh. for years Conor has been writing like he knows everything, but he continues to not get much closer to that goal.

Anonymous said...

So, the genius, and paid shill, John Sturm of NAA fame is at it again. "Newspaper online revenue is 15 percent of total ad revenue at newspapers." Wow, on a significant reduced revenue base as competitors are eating their breakfast, lunch and dinner, he boasts. What a continued weak drone. Come on guys, say something significant for a change, Has the organization outlived its purpose...yes, about 10 years ago.