Apr 6, 2011

Journalists ordered out of Libya*

*While talking to Warren Olney on today's "To The Point," New York Times reporter David Kirkpatrick, who's in Tripoli, received word that he and some 25 other journalists are being ordered out of Libya. A message slipped under Kirkpatrick's door informed him that he must be out of the country by tomorrow morning. He and the other journalists are "staying" at the Rixos Hotel in Libya's capital city. The entire interview can be heard here.

Here's a clip of Kirkpatrick's report:

  Western journalists ordered to leave Libya by KCRW

*Update: NPR has received the same report from its reporter in Tripoli, Lourdes-Garcia Navarro. "Things are subject to change," NPR added, "Some reporters have been told in the recent past that they were being expelled, only to later be allowed to stay."

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