Mar 1, 2011

Down for the hit count at The Daily

Rupert Murdoch's The Daily, a tablet-only news digest in need of subscribers, has a hard-hitting story up about a stripper therapist. A version of the story is available online, along with video - it doesn't include actual nudity, or any actual therapeutic advice. Here's the words-only summary:
Sessions begin with White fully clothed. As the hour proceeds, she asks if the patient (who are, unsurprisingly, mostly male) minds if she removes her shirt.

Then her skirt. Then her bra and underwear. The patient rarely minds.

One-hour sessions cost $150, and at first are conducted over webcam. Once a level of trust has been established, patients can book in-person sessions, though the price increases fivefold.
The same writer, using the same participatory style, recently did some hits-hunting work for the New York Post, where he profiled a masturbation meditation class.

(found via Gawker)

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