Feb 15, 2011


Republican lawmakers in the House want to pull all funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, which provides grants to NPR and PBS stations and serves as seed money for stations to raise money from listeners. This isn't the first time the GOP has gone after public broadcasting; this latest effort was spurred by the firing of NPR analyst Juan Williams over comments he made on Fox News.

On today's "To The Point," a discussion about what would happen if public broadcasting the loses the money, and a debate over whether the networks offer a valuable services, or biased news. Guests are Paul Farhi of the Washington Post; Laura Walker, president of New York Public Radio; Laurence Jarvik, author of "PBS: Behind the Screen"; James Rainey, media columnist at the Los Angeles Times, and Adam Thierer of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. A link to the program, which was produced by Katie Cooper, is here.

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