Feb 11, 2011

Computer problems persist in LANG

The Unisys computer system used in the Los Angeles Newspaper Group newsrooms is still glitched, I'm told. Reporters are being asked to write their stories offline and then to email them to editors, who are able to sign on in limited numbers. This makes for a longer night and possible late Friday freakouts, but the papers should get published through the makeshift system.

The glitch caused problems with the Friday papers, with the Daily News, Daily Breeze and Press-Telegram forced to use sports and news pages from the papers in the San Gabriel Valley.


Anonymous said...

Maybe take a look at your crack it folks and their leader.

Anonymous said...

The back up system doesn't share the same database as the main system. LANG sure saved a buck here!

Anonymous said...

The word at SAn Gabriel is parts for server were in on Saturday but they will wait til Monday to fix problem to save overtime costs.... another idiotic move ... Then we are told saturday night to come in early Sunday cause of Grammy awards and only a certain amount of people can be signed on at one time. So screw all our personal and family plans. Sorry there wasn't an official memo so we will come in at our regular time. We are giving back the half ass effort singleton has shown us. Have been for some time and proud of it.