Jan 17, 2011

Some MediaNews ads go on autopilot

The Bay Area News Group, which is part of the MediaNews Group empire, has signed a deal with Wire2 to install software that will allow realtors to create their own open house ads on the newspaper chains' websites and will sync up with obituary information on Legacy.com, reports News and Tech. From the story:
Ad Hawk Open Homes lets real estate agents oversee the design and placement of their own ads without requiring the need to talk to an ad rep. BANG hopes to have half its open-house ads converted to self-service by March and 90 percent by year-end.
The Obituaries site integrates obituary information with a listing on Legacy.com. More than 30 area funeral homes have already signed up to use the portal.
This is how they do more with less.

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Anonymous said...

So, let me understand. Years after ads were placed in automotive and recruitment, lang is now going to allow realtors to do the same...wow. I am sure their stellar promotion and marketing efforts will make the venture most average at best.