Jan 31, 2011

Four in the afternoon

1. Using social media to report on Egypt. Mashable

2. The Burbank Leader has followed through on its pledge to sue the city of Burbank for merit-based bonuses paid to city employees. Burbank Leader

3. The nonprofit California Watch has launched a new partnership with several newspapers across the state. CFIR

4. Facebook is making an aggressive push to get in the comments game on media websites - especially startups. CNET


Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the Burbank Leader for doing the work too few newspapers are doing these days.

Hey LANG, are you paying attention? This is what journalism looks like.

Anonymous said...

I can't even tell you how many angry editorials the Inland LANG papers wrote about public records not being turned over to them. But they never sued. Well, guess what: those public records probably would have revealed the county supervisor was in rehab for meth addiction, and he probably would not have bilked the county and been elected assessor if LANG had sued to get those records. Instead, they wrote angry editorials, and the taxpayers got screwed. Way to be a watchdog.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of hearing how Twitter is leading the revolutions in Iran or Tunisia or Egypt. It is the people in those streets fighting and dying who are making the revolution, not the thumb twirlers on Twitter.