Dec 23, 2010

Goodman brings the ruckus to Kaplan, WaPo*

The Huffington Post's Peter Goodman, a former national economics correspondent of the New York Times, writes that the Washington Post risks its hard earned reputation as a solid journalistic institution because of its dependence on the for-profit Kapalan Higher Education business. From HuffPo:
The Kaplan name has been doing no favors for the Washington Post's reputation or that of the Graham family. As HuffPost business reporter Chris Kirkham detailed this week in a hard-hitting piece drawing on former Kaplan insiders, management has employed deceptively aggressive marketing practices to recruit students, while enrolling many in classes without their knowledge, enabling the company to pocket a larger slice of the federal financial dollars that comprise upwards of 85 percent of their tuition revenues. 

Like many schools in the thriving for-profit college industry, Kaplan has churned out graduates with debts most cannot hope to repay, given the meager wages they will likely earn. Indeed, Kaplan's graduates have wound up defaulting on their federal student loans at roughly twice the rate of counterparts at non-profit university programs.
*Sorry, left out the story link. It's here.

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