Dec 17, 2010

Comings and goings

San Gabriel Valley Tribune reporter Maritza Velazquez is leaving the paper to return to school. She will be studying journalism at Cal State Fullerton.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Maritza. Don't look back.

Anonymous said...

Why, O, why would someone major in journalism is this day and age after working in the system, particularly for MNG?

Someone should try to talk her into a different major.

Welding perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if she witnessed the crappy ways of MNG journalism, why is she studying it? This is her chance to get out of the strangle-hold of the dying business. She should study something more promising like basket weaving.

Tim Lynch said...

Maritza covered Cal Poly Pomona as part of her beat. She was thorough and responsive -- a real pro. I wish her all the best.

-- Tim Lynch
Cal Poly Pomona public affairs office

Anonymous said...

Journalists can work their craft at other jobs...much like lawyers not practicing law.

A good journalist has a wealth of opportunities other than newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and may or may not be based on facts but YOU make the call.

This is what happens every time one of their reporters finally wakes up and realizes there is no future there. They go back to school. Can't say much for their photogs though. They are all hunkering down, being treated like crap with daily tirades of foul language (by none other than their fearless leader), too much work, not enough time, one hell of demands on images and oh, yes, running ragged from one end of the sg valley to the other, mostly because their fearless leaved cant or wont read a map. They remain because they dont have the cajones to try somewhere else, so they stay like the wife who gets beat up every night by the drunken husband because "she loves him" or "for the children." My opinion only.

Anonymous said...

Dear Previous Commenter,

You may be right about the photogs, but most of the reporters are not leaving for school -- at least not the ones who departed in the past year.

Maybe two of 10 left for school. The rest left for better jobs, which goes to show that opportunities are out there waiting.

Why anyone chooses to stay remains a mystery.

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of choice. Even if you need the job to pay the bills it does not prevent you from looking at other opportunities or doing a little planning. If you choose to stay so be it. It is your choice to do so.

If you are in a bad relationship at work or home, work to get out of it in the correct way. If you choose to stay, once again, that is your right.

As far as staying at Lang, it seems to me that anyone who has been there at least three years or longer has seen enough water under the bridge to recognize what the organization and leadership is lacking.

Organization and leadership.