Dec 22, 2010

Ben Sherwood gets thumb in the eye from ABC News staffers

ABC News staffers really hate their new boss, Ben Sherwood. So much so that they edited a video of the speech he gave upon accepting the job of president of ABC News to advertise what an underwhelming talent he is. For example, they call him a liar and a failure. Gawker has the video here.

Whatever other faults he has, Sherwood definitely has a weak news background (unless you consider "Good Morning America" a strong news show). That fact alone explain why some news staffers are unhappy with his selection. Usually, when a mass media company brings in an interloper to run a news division it's because the higher ups want a fiddle around with staffing (i.e., lay people off or hire flashy but substance-less talent) and experiment with programming without having a respected news veteran stand in their way.

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