Dec 17, 2010

At least it's something*

Employees at the Hartford Courant, owned by the bankrkupt Tribune Co., received $15 gift cards to a local cafe, Romenesko reports. Staffer at the Greensboro News & Record got cards worth $50.

Better than nothing, right?

Since I've never received a bonus check, my view of these things might be skewed.

*Update: Employees at the New Orleans Times-Picayune, which got a lot of attention for its coverage of the BP oil spill and the resurgent Saints football team, got holiday bonuses roughly equivalent to the amount lost because of this year's unpaid furloughs. However, two weeks of forced furlough time is scheduled for next year.

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Mike Rappaport said...

When I was at the Daily Bulletin, we got $20 gift cards either to Ralphs or Stater Bros., I forget which.

Of all the papers I worked at, only one gave a real Christmas bonus. The Gaston (NC) Gazette, a Freedom paper, gave a week's pay, but it was the worst paying of all the papers.