Nov 24, 2010

Steve Cooley concedes in California Attorney General's race*

Republican Steve Cooley today conceded to Democrat Kamala Harris in the race for Attorney General. On a morning conference call, Cooley's campaign consultant, Kevin Spillane, said: "At this point there is no mathematical possibility of the course being reversed." Cooley's campaign had considered conceding a day or two ago, but held out for a few more ballots to be counted. Cooley has decided against calling for a recount.

Cooley remains Los Angeles County District Attorney. His term ends in 2012.

Cooley was not on the conference call.

*Spin zone: Spillane said Cooley was initially reluctant to run for Attorney General and only did so after urging from the law enforcement community. "He is not someone who positioned himself for statewide office," Spillane said. "He is a non politician." Poor name identification, even in LA County, and an opponent who benefited from a superior Democratic turnout effort, were keys to Cooley's loss, Spillane said. "If it had been nonpartisan ... he would have won by several points."

Asked what it means for the state Republican Party, Spillane responded: "We have some very serious problems." He also said that had Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman done a few points better in her race against Democrat Jerry Brown, Cooley could have won.

“Did  he lose because he is a Republican? Ultimately, yes," Spillane concluded.

**Conjecture: The press release noting today's press conference had the day right but the date wrong - it said "Wednesday, November 23rd, 2010" sic. I wonder if they had prepared to do this yesterday?

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