Oct 15, 2010

Tribune innovation guru Lee Abrams quits

Lee Abrams, chief innovation officer for the Tribune Co., quit today, two days after being suspended for sending out a companywide memo with a racy video parody attached.

The Chicago Tribune summarized his tenure at parent Tribune Co thusly:
Championing change at Tribune newspapers and broadcast outlets, Abrams repeatedly accused TV news of clinging to a late-20th century look, sound and feel. He wondered aloud whether readers knew that a newspaper dateline meant the reporter was actually writing from the location where the story occurred.

Abrams also advocated new and different styles of storytelling and conveying information. In Houston, where the Tribune TV station has virtually no viewers to lose, he was developing an anchorless newscast.
It's not known what will happen to Abrams' Tribune projects and initiatives with his departure.
 That's about as impartial as it gets.


Anonymous said...

This clown made millions and left a wasteland of good people out of work. His projects will die due to lack of substance. What a coward.

Anonymous said...

"...new and different styles of storytelling and conveying information." (Our POTUS has a position for him.)