Oct 29, 2010

Politicians behaving badly, part two

Fox 11 News has uncovered the back story for why the city of Hawthorne fired its city manager and finance director earlier this year, and why the police chief later resigned.

 Fox learned that in July 2009, City Manager Jag Pathirana and Finance Director Louis Esober allegedly told police they were Hawthorne cops while being questioned about a scuffle Escober got into with a dancer at the Wild Goose strip club. Pathirana was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in 2003 minutes from the same club.

In April, Pathirana was fired in a hastily called council meeting. Escober was later let go as part of budget cuts. Fox News obtained tape of the two men removing records from City Hall the night before Patharina got the axe.

Police Chief Michael Heffner resigned earlier this year when confronted by the interim city manager about what had happened in the July 2009 incident.

(found via LA Weekly)

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