Oct 27, 2010

39 percent of Americans want to cut off NPR

A majority of registered Republicans and 39 percent of Americans overall want to see the federal government pull its funding to NPR, a new survey found. Only 45 percent of those surveyed want to keep the funding the vanquisher of Juan Williams.

From the survey summary:
In partisan terms, Republicans favored ending U.S. funding 54-28 percent, while Democrats wanted the funding to continue 58-25 percent. NPR funding was favored by independents 49-38 percent.

Broken down by ages, the 18-29 group supported continued taxpayer subsidies 62-30 percent. The 30-44 group narrowly sided with halting the funding 42-39 percent, and older groups were almost evenly split on the idea.

Men backed NPR’s federal funding 50-40 percent, but women were not so decisive. They supported continued funding 40-37 percent, with another 23 percent undecided. Support hovered around 50 percent among all ethnic groups in the survey – whites, blacks, Latinos and others.

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