Oct 11, 2010

NY magazine can think of 13 reasons to dislike the Zell/Michaels era

Some are new (to me), some are old. The list includes radio stunts:
Radio stunts, like CA$H GRABS ("in which a viewer was led into a bank vault and allowed to scoop up dollar bills," sometimes cheered on by Hooters waitresses) were inserted into evening news broadcasts at member TV stations.
 And bonuses:
...the top level cronies of Zell and CEO Randy Michaels (he hired about twenty top managers from his former days as a radio manager and shock jock) received a total of $57.3 million in bonuses going into 2010. The previous year they only made $5.9 million in bonuses. 
There are 11 more, as you might have guessed.

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Anonymous said...

it is a good thing that bodily harm wasn't necessary for the creative process...he just killed what was once an excellent newspaper. money won't buy class or a conscience.