Oct 27, 2010

J. Gold-en quote

Paula Deen's Southern-fried cooking and Food Network sensibilities have not won over Pasadena foodie and LA Weekly columnist Jonathan Gold. When the Tournament of Roses announced Deen would be the parade's grand marshal in 2011, Gold offered this take to the Pasadena Star-News:
"Paula Deen? That's absolutely horrifying," Gold said in an e-mail Tuesday. "Julia Child grew up on Pasadena Avenue, just a few blocks from the start of the parade, and practically everything Ms. Deen has done both exploits and despoils the culinary movement Child did so much to prod into being.

"As a food person and as a Pasadenan, I should be proud that the committee is honoring somebody in my profession," Gold said, "but the news makes me cringe.
I hope the Star-News or Gold himself spin a feature or two out of this; to explore Child's culinary legacy and the cultural and political overtones of Gold's criticism.

San Francisco vs. Texas, Obama vs. the Tea Party, Gold vs. Deen. It's all coming together.

(found via LA Observed)

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