Oct 5, 2010

Being good makes you a bad choice at Tribune

Another passage from David Carr's story about the Tribune Co. offers a glimpse into the company's future. It doesn't include experience, which taints the creative mind in the eyes of Tribune managers (and requires more compensation in the eyes of the Tribune accountants):
And management still is confident that the new thinking has Tribune on the right track. The company recently announced the creation of a new local news format in which there would be no on-air anchors and few live reports. The newscasts will rely on narration over a stream of clips, a Web-centric approach that has the added benefit of requiring fewer bodies to produce.

“The TV revolution is upon us — and the new Tribune Company is leading the resistance,” the announcement read. And judging from the job posting for “anti-establishment producer/editors,” the company has some very strong ideas about who those revolutionaries should be: “Don’t sell us on your solid newsroom experience. We don’t care. Or your exclusive, breaking news coverage. We’ll pass.”


Anonymous said...

Excellent strategy. Reduced costs = Bigger bonuses for C level management. What? You thought this was about retaining/growing audience and ad revenues...

Anonymous said...

Tribune is brilliant. Now, get people and advertisers to pay for products not delivered or watched and wait for the big bucks to roll in...brilliant!