Oct 14, 2010

AOL Patch hearts leafy cities, continued...*

AOL Patch has an ad out for a reporter/editor to cover yet another leafy Southern California city. Having named a patcher for South Pasadena, the network has listed an opening to cover Claremont, which the Los Angeles Times loves to call "the city of trees and PhDs," because it has trees and colleges and because it rhymes. The listing is here.

Wondering how much a Patch job pays? From the LA Weekly:
Each local editor — who essentially acts as reporter, editor, aggregator and community-outreach manager — is given a website, a MacBook Pro, a digital camera with video and an iPhone or BlackBerry, and reportedly paid between $38,000 and $45,000 with health benefits.
*Update: Here's an even better link (thanks to a reader) that shows the broader scope of where Patch plans to plant roots in California. Duarte, Glendora and Walnut/Industry  are all in SGVN territory and they're looking for an associate editor to oversee all of the San Gabriel Valley. AOL already has people in Altadena and South Pasadena (Altadena launched yesterday).

Some of the listing are wrong - not sure if that's the fault of Patch or the job site. Hawaii Gardens should be Hawaiin Gardens, and Folsom, Fair Oaks, Elk Grove, Citrus, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park are Sacramento-area cities, not San Francisco. Similarly, Banning-Beaumont, Yucaipa, Redlands, Mission Viejo, Murrieta and Temecula are all well outside of Los Angeles County.

Details such as these matter a great deal if you're going to cast your networks as hyperaware of hyperlocal issues.


Anonymous said...

it goes way beyond just one city. this link shows all the positions Patch is hiring for. Hawaiian Gardens, Banning-Beaumont, Granada Hills, San Clemente, etc. They're taking shit over!


Gary Scott said...

...and duarte and glendora and walnut...

thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

medianews watch out! they are definitely on the move with covering stuff. and a lot of reputable journalists from newspapers are getting hired by patch. interesting.

Anonymous said...

medianews watch out for what? no advertising to speak of, circ in the tank, etc etc.

John Clifford said...

Gee and poor Pomona (5th largest city in LA County) gets the short end again. We've lost our newspaper (years ago now), lost the several radio stations we used to have, and don't get respect from anyone.

I guess we need to stir things up a bit.