Sep 17, 2010

Stopping the presses in San Diego

One month before an election in which three college board seats are up for grabs, the administration at Southwestern College has cited a rule that could stop the student newspaper from printing its next edition.

A spokesman for the college said the Sun newspaper must choose a printer through a defined bid procedure or it won't get any money to pay for the printing. Student journalists say the paper has for decades shopped around for printers and asked why the administration decided to enforce the rule on the eve of the board elections.

From the Voice of San Diego:
The Sun was supposed to go to print tomorrow. If the printing question has to go to the college board, students fear the board could prevent them from printing before a November election in which three members of the college board are up for re-election.

Their campaigns are tied to the controversial tenure of Superintendent Raj Chopra, who has been in the crosshairs of faculty members after making unpopular, unilateral cuts. The Sun has written extensively about the clashes and their campaigns. Its upcoming issue was slated to include articles about the candidates, the ongoing battle over whether the college will keep its state accreditation, and a summer fundraiser held by the college vice president in which he raised money from companies whose contracts he oversees.

"It seems very convenient. They're pulling this ancient policy out of nowhere," said Lyndsay Winkley, a student writer for the Sun.
Students are considering raising the approximate $3,000 needed to print the paper from outside sources.

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