Sep 30, 2010

More on Christine O'Donnell and the Claremont Institute

Talking Points Memo continues to dig into Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's questionable claims about her education background. The liberal news site reported today that, when O'Donnell applied for a 2002 fellowship at the Claremont Institute, she listed the University of Oxford on her resume. The same claim was made on a LinkedIn profile that carried O'Donnell's name, but O'Donnell says the profile is a fake. The fellowship resume indicates that she's fudged this questionable association with Oxford before.

O'Donnell also appears to have told the Claremont Institute (a private, conservative think tank that somehow morphed into the respected and wholly unaffiliated Claremont Graduate University on the LinkedIn profile) that she had a bachelor's degree at the time. As I noted here Tuesday, the Institute listed O'Donnell as a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University. We've since learned that O'Donnell did not receive her degree until this month.

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