Aug 26, 2010

What Mike Allen is reading

A link in Mike Allen's Playbook column on has Simon Owens wondering what exactly it is that he's reading. Allen obviously copied the wrong link into the story, which takes you to this site. It's not as weird as it might first appear, though. Assuming he reads Japanese, Allen apparently is thinking about taking a trip to Japan.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic but FYI I just wondered if you knew about the outsourcing that LANG is doing. The ad/production dept. in San Bernardino has begun outsourcing to India with the whole process completed by October. Layoffs have already begun.

Anonymous said...

If this is a surprise, why? This has been going on for many years at various newspapers...from ad production to circulation. Frankly, there isn't much left to produce and with technology advances over the years, it is a no brainer. Another way to reduce costs, give worse service to clients and get rid of costly labor.