Aug 23, 2010

Four in the morning

1. Sidney Harman is full of ideas for making Newsweek a more successful magazine, including discounts on books written by Newsweek writers, connecting dots, and, "has a fundamental respect for the business aspects of the operation, who doesn't think this is somehow an artistic undertaking totally separate from the real world." WSJ

2. The Tribune Co. bankruptcy negotiations have broken down. Does this mean debtors want to see the contract even more before they're willing to make a deal? ChiTrib

3. Star Trek nerds bypass Riverside exhibit, for now. Press-Enterprise

4. Amid the travails of bankruptcy, the Los Angeles Times has a scrappier feel these days, with what feels to be a more robust watchdog-approach to local reporting than in recent years. For all the good work, Tribune has decided to get the newsroom new time clocks. Ed Padgett

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Anonymous said...

Ed Padgett has been very quiet about LAT ever since he got called into the Principal's office. Where'd he go? His blog is mostly quotes of the day and military stuff. Too bad.