Jul 23, 2010

Veteran newsman Daniel Schorr dead at 93

Veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Schorr, an NPR political analyst and original member of Edward R. Murrow's CBS news team, has died. He was 93. The NPR obituary is here. NPR president Vivian Schiller had this to say in a note to his colleagues:
It’s impossible to overestimate Dan’s impact on journalism – from his early days working with Edward R. Murrow, to the founding of CNN, to the last 25 years as NPR’s news analyst, a familiar and beloved voice to millions of listeners. Every one of us who happened to see Dan coming in to work -- walking a little more slowly with time but with a razor-sharp wit and warmth that never dimmed – learned a lesson in the dedication, determination, and integrity that it takes to be the best. He was.

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