Jun 10, 2010

A new television guide in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times plans to bring back its weekly TV book, after having dropped it three years ago. From the press release:
The Los Angeles Times will re-launch its TV Times™ guide on Sunday, June 13th via newsstands and retail outlets throughout Southern California. Being undertaken as a tiered roll out, with an opportunity for subscribers to opt-in now for home delivery beginning September 5th, the TV Times joins the paper's Sunday line-up of news, opinion, entertainment, feature coverage and classifieds as a 44-page tabloid section. 

The new TV Times turns up the volume on The Times' former 28-page book, last published in April 2007, to now offer 24-hour daily grid listings spanning morning, afternoon, primetime and late-night programming, four pages of alphabetized TV/cable/satellite movie listings, a full-page cover story, a TV-related crossword puzzle, episode highlights and synopses, and a dedicated sports programming page. Ad units are available on the front and back covers.


Anonymous said...

That's nice but not so useful if you want the TV listings shown by channel in your cable system. It's the reason I buy the Sunday OC Register.

Harold X said...

One more reason not to subscribe to the LAT. And that's assuming that the book will be any good -- TV Guide gave up even trying, a couple of years ago, and that was their business.

Anonymous said...

I would invest my life savings on this not working. Are they passing out drugs at second and spring?

Guess there isn't enough crap to try and sell, so, lets move all the focus to this blunderbust for a year or so and see how much money and time we can waste.

Come on folks, get a clue.