Jun 16, 2010

The Huffington Post sectional

The revolutionary Huffington Post seems to be following the old newspaper model in developing sections that focus on different interests. The latest, HuffPo Arts. From Amy Wicks at WWD (via Romenesko):
The section is an outgrowth of the kind of stories that formerly ran in local editions or relevant sections, such as Style. “It won’t be overly formal,” said editor Kimberly Brooks (who happens to be married to filmmaker Albert Brooks, so she should get lots of film world dish). Brooks talked about posting photography of emerging bands and mentioned a new feature called “The Skinny,” which will have the latest on the arts scene, including gallery and museum openings. “The site will also have blogs that people are not normally exposed to,” Brooks added. Senior editor Willow Bay (who is married to Disney chief Robert Iger, so there could be lots of gossip about Mickey, Buzz and Miley) noted that stories about the arts have been popular on The Huffington Post, especially in New York and Los Angeles, and it “felt like the right time” to create a dedicated section.

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