Jun 2, 2010

Four today

1. California Watch, run by the nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, has hired three new reporters: former Los Angeles Daily Journal and LA Times reporter Joanna Lin; Pulitzer Prize-winner Ryan Gabrielson, and reporter Susanne Rust. LA Observed

2. The San Diego Union-Tribune appears to be contemplating more newsroom cuts. fishbowlLA

3. Blogger Danny Sullivan accuses the "mainstream media" of doing what he claims the mainstream media accuses bloggers of doing: taking a scoop without giving due credit. Daggle

4. The San Diego News Network, bolstered by big donations and rosy talk, has followed its cousin, the Orange County News Network, into oblivion. All writers and freelancers were fired as of June 1. San Diego Reader

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, little eddie is at it again a bit further south this time. I would like someone out there to tell me just one idea he has had that has built revenue other than cut expenses...just one.

What level of skill is required to reduce expenses? I understand that you want the cuts to have the least impact on readers and the organization, but, what other skill is needed.

People wonder where newspapers went wrong. To blame the demise of the newspapers little eddie has worked at solely on his leadership wouldn't be fair. To not give him a bunch of the credit for leaving newspapers in much worse shape than they were prior to his arrival wouldn't be accurate.

San Diego coulda been a contender.