May 1, 2010

A less perfect Union-Tribune

In the anything for a buck age, the San Diego Union-Tribune turned back time - and dropped the "Union" from its name - as part of a promotional wraparound advertisement for Wells Fargo Bank. Clever.

Turns out, they turned the clock back a little too far. From San Diego Citybeat:
The ad is made to looks like an old-timey edition from April 30, 1852, suggesting what the newspaper might’ve looked like before the San Diego Tribune merged with the San Diego Union. ...

How’s this for an anachronism: The San Diego Tribune wasn’t founded until 1895.
Is accuracy an anachronism, too?


Anonymous said...

Why pick on the U-T? Every paper in California had the same ad. Obviously Gary you spend too much time masturbating over your website and not enough time reading actual newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Completely classless response. Gary's post is a simply observation. Here's an idea: Quit reading his blog, moron.

Anonymous said...

Well, poster at 11:33, I can give you one reason for picking on the U-T. Little Eddie was hired as the publisher and that is ample reason enough.

I agree fully with 8:50.

Anonymous said...

Whatever 8:50. This blog shows how "out-of-touch" Gary is with the newspapers he pretends to cover.
This post was really an example of his consistent "bad-decision-making."

Anonymous said...

let me see, gary is out of touch with the newspapers he pretends to cover, or, newspapers are out of touch with their coverage?