May 20, 2010

Four in the morning

1. Republicans Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have spent nearly $100 million between them in an increasingly bizarre primary contest. The headline for Dan Morain's latest column in the Sacramento Bee says it all: "Never before has so much been spent for so little" SacBee

2. Alan Mutter says local television stations could go the way of the newspaper (would that really be so bad?) Mutter

3. Reporters at Tribune Co.'s WGN Channel 9 are asked to shill for L.L. Bean. ChiTrib (found via Romenesko)

4. The Los Angeles Times has yet to close its printing press in Orange County. The new deadline is June 15, but the change in ownership at the Orange County Register could win the plant a reprieve. LA Pressmens' blog

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Anonymous said...

Someone's smoking crack on this one.