Apr 26, 2010

OC Register shrinks again

According to the SportsJournalists.com message board, the Orange County Register eliminated 30 positions this month, including 10 from the content side. Of those, seven were open positions that were eliminated. Three people were fired, including UCLA sports reporter Al Balderas.

From poster "playthrough":
This comes shortly after the fourth-quarter economic targets were achieved and everybody received bonuses. But in 2009, there was a one-week furlough and a 5 percent pay cut. And, currently, the entire floor of the building that houses the Content staff is undergoing a significant remodeling projected rumored to be in the $500,000 range.

Also, Freedom's bankruptcy, which previously had received court approval, is supposed to be finalized next week.

Keep in mind that the posted information comes from an anonymous source. I decided to link to it since the message thread includes a memo from OC Register editor Ken Brusic that mentions furloughs and possible layoffs. If I get any further information or corrections, I will post them prominently.

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