Apr 16, 2010

Blowing up the whistleblowers

The Obama administration has announced that it will prosecute a former NSA official for leaking sensitive information about wiretapping to a reporter. Glenn Greenwald at Salon makes a convincing argument that the decision to prosecute Thomas Drake for exposing "serious wrongdoing" to Baltimore Sun reporter Siobhan Gorman, the administration has shown its priorities to be completely out of whack:
In other words, Drake's leaks to Gorman exposed serious wrongdoing on the part of (a) the NSA and its illegal domestic spying activities and (b) the vast private intelligence and defense industry that has all but formally merged with the CIA, NSA and Pentagon to become the public-private National Security and Surveillance State that exercises more power, by far, than any single faction in the country.

Think about to whose interests the Obama DOJ is devoted given that -- while they protect the most profound Bush crimes based on the Presidential decree of "Look Forward, Not Backward" -- they chose this whistle-blower to prosecute[.]

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